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After a miraculous defeat of Ai, Jericho and the great Amorite Armies, Joshua and Caleb set their sites on Hebron, the City of the Beloved. Guarding this city are the three Sons of Anak, a name that strikes fear in the hearts of those who dare cross them. In order to claim Hebron for the people of ancient Israel, you must find all your missing comrades, fight your way throughout the town and ultimately defeat the Sons of Anak in order to claim, Victory at Hebron. * Non-violent. All battle is simulated through cardplay. * Featuring cards from the Redemption® card game plus exclusive new combos. * Navigate through a vast rendered town. * Earn medals to rise in rank from Apprentice to Supreme Commander. * Biographical sketches of your favorite Redemption® heroes. * Match your card playing wits against the computer equipped with an AI that gets better as you play. * Includes super combos, multi-character battle & powerups to increase your chances in battle. * Solve puzzles to gain powerful items for use in battle to aide you in achieving VICTORY AT HEBRON.

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